There is another outstanding feature of Gmail accounts which you might not be aware that you can change the language of Gmail Account from your native language to English that is you can change from Chinese language to English. In addition to that you can also type in your native language via using special keyboards. First, you need to decide the medium through which you use your gmail account. For example:

  1. Computer
  2. AndroidiPhone
  3. iPad

Suppose you are using Computer or Laptop then you can use the following option to change gmail language from Chinese to English.

  1. First login into your gmail Account by entering your user name and password. Suppose your user name is then enter the correct password of this username.
  2. Then at the right hand side of your window in the north you will find an Settings option
  3. Click on Settings options
  4. Then you’ll see a “Language” option after clicking on language option you can scroll down to “Chinese” language.
  5. Now you just need to save the changes which you have made. Without saving the details you would not be able to change the language. Google allows you to type in various languages such as Hindi, Chinese, or Arabic through its input tools. You can also use special keyboards for this purpose.

The various kind of input tools through which you can type in your preferred language are as follows:

  1. IME Input Method Editors- This method uses a conversion engine to map the typed keystrokes into a language of your choice.
  2. Transliteration -It changes the phonetic sounds of your typed text to the matching sound of your language.
  3. Virtual keyboard- A virtual keyboard will be popped up which will depict the same keyboard which you are using. For example you will right type in Chinese but the text will appear in English.
  4. Handwriting -It is only Google which provides you this tool. In this tool you can draw the alphabets and characters using your fingers. You can find this tool by the name of Google Input Tools Chrome Extension.

Therefore by using any of the above tool you can change gmail language to Chinese language.

One thing you need to keep in mind while changing gmail language to Chinese language is that you cannot use the Gmail app. You can change your gmail language through browser from input tools. Another option which Google allows you is that you can change the input tools also in case you are using multiple input tools.

The other option which Google provides you in changing your gmail language is that you can alter text direction also. This is also very easy to do. You just need to open the gmail account and click on setting option from top right of your screen and click on “Settings option” and from “Language Option” you can click on “Right-to-Left” editing support. When this editing support is on you can click on saving this option at the south of the page.

One thing you need to keep in mind while changing the gmail language is that whenever you login in new email. The direction saves to the default settings and you need again change the direction of the text from “Formatting Option”.

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