These days people don’t care about what they are putting online despite knowing the increasing rate of cybercrimes day by day. People have made putting sensitive data on the internet a common practice as everyone spends a great deal of time there. But if you don’t have a proper antivirus installed in your device than my dear friend your data is at risk.

If you are one of those who are confused between the two popular antivirus companies; which one to pick whether Kaspersky or Malwarebytes then go through this Kaspersky Vs Malwarebytes comparison battle to make a smart choice for your device and data safety. 

We will judge based on Features, Malware Protection, System Performance, User-Friendliness, Pricing, and Customer Satisfaction.


Malwarebytes provides us with its 3 types of antivirus software, Free version, for You and Home. Malwarebytes mainly focus on the protection of your device and data from viruses like malware and ransomware. But on the other hand, Kaspersky works as a complete package of Anti-virus protection and offers you with a diversity of advanced features like two-way firewall, Vulnerability Scanner, Silent mode feature ( a feature that suspends notifications while you’re gaming or watching videos), Password Manager, File Shredder and much more. You also get a backup utility with 2GB of cloud storage at no extra cost.

Winner: Kaspersky.

Because of an extensive collection of features than Malwarebytes products.

2. Malware Protection

Let’s look at the test results issued by independent testing organizations, to determine which of these two companies better protects your compute from risks.

According to that issues Protection Tests and uses a scoring rubric of 1 to 6 – 6 being the highest possible score. Malwarebytes scored a mere 2 out of 6 and on the other hand, Kaspersky managed to achieve a perfect score of 6 out of 6, indicating highly competitive defensive capabilities. 

Winner: Kaspersky.

Here Kaspersky is the clear winner by scoring 6/6.

3. System Performance

Usage of Malwarebytes in PC made the system sluggish and it wasn’t able to perform the routine operations well. But with Kaspersky, there were no signs of distress or slowness with the PC and the PC operated smoothly. 

Also, look at what the testing organizations have evaluated the effects of our two competing antivirus software on the system performance., during its Performance test, found that Malwarebytes scored 5 out of 6.

While, Kaspersky scored a 6 out of 6, indicating a better ability to run smoothly on your computer.

Winner: Kaspersky. 

Once again, Kaspersky performed better than Malwarebytes on this test as well.

4. User-Friendliness

Let’s take a glance at both Kaspersky and Malwarebytes’ user interfaces to seek out which one is best and brings superior user experience to the user.

 Both Malwarebytes and Kaspersky’s interface was easy to use and pleasing to the attention that even casual computer users will find them extremely user-friendly and easy-to-follow. Although, Kaspersky’s method of inspiring you to upgrade isn’t as intrusive or annoying as flashy advertisements.

Winner: Tie. 

Both are winner.

5. Pricing 

  • Malwarebytes is merely available across one device for a price than Kaspersky’s regular plan.
  • Kaspersky offers coverage against 3 devices for $29.99 and had more sort of offers for the user of each background to select for themselves.
Winner: Kaspersky 

The winner is Kaspersky antivirus software because you can access more licenses for fewer dollars through Kaspersky, even if you need to protect Macs or mobile devices.

6. Customer Satisfaction

The customer satisfaction rating is a good indicator of how well a company takes care of its customers and shows interest in resolving their problems.

According to (review collecting website that averages out customer feedback into a five-star rating ) and Better Business Bureau (an organization that collects customer feedback and then compiles it into a scoring scale from A to F) . have evaluated in the most recent updates that Malwarebytes stands at a 4-star rating whereas Kaspersky stands behind with a 3-star rating. And Malwarebytes earned an excellent A+ rating while Kaspersky received an F.

Winner: Malwarebytes. 

Here Malwarebytes smashes Kaspersky. 


Kaspersky is the final winner as it offers more security-enhancing features and extra utilities in its security suites than Malwarebytes. Also, independent evaluations show that Kaspersky is better than Malwarebytes in terms of both malware detection and system performance.

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