The vast using feature of Whatsapp, Whatsapp web is down right now all over the world. Their windows are not loading on any web browser. After some time all the users were logged out of their devices. This may happen due to the outage in their server dedicated to the WhatsApp web.

But it is still not confirmed that why WhatsApp web has logged out all its users. Even their QR code is also not loading.  

They may have done this to prevent an attack on their web service because hackers can steal user’s data through this outage. This can also be an attack from any hackers group or maybe any glitch.    

This outage has affected everyone equally. Users all over the social platforms like Twitter and Facebook are talking about it.  

Facebook provides many services and Whatsapp is one of them but, no other service is affected by this outage till. If you also face this issue on your PC, then it’s highly recommended don’t try to open the WhatsApp web, this may result in your data loss.  

This is the story in the process, please stay in touch with us for the upcoming updates.

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