On Roku TV, a user can watch shows and movies that are available on local broadcasts. It is updated as streaming devices. So to get the benefit of the Roku.

First, connect your TV with an internet connection or your network. Choose your network from the available sources of the networks and fill your password. This the same network you use to connect all other devices such as your computer or mobile to the internet. Is there is any problem in your network connection, click the scan at roku.com/link to see all available networks. Once you entered your password, you need to click on the connect option.

When you connected your Roku TV to the network, it will download the latest version of Roku OS software.

Things you need to know about roku.com/link

  • Roku does not charge to create a Roku account.
  • It does not charge for device activation.
  • When you enter the roku.com/link, type it correctly. There are instances when you type roku.com/link wrong.

Steps to activate Roku TV

  1. Below is the procedure to activate Roku TV. You can easily activate Roku TV. So just follow the below-given steps.
  2. First of all, you need to enter the five-character activation code in order to activate the Roku TV
  3. You need to visit the website of the Roku. Open this Roku website
  4. Once you reached there using the roku.com/link, you need to enter the five-character activation code in the text field.
  5. Now, you need to click on the submit button. It is beneath the text field.
  6. You need to create the Roku account.
  7. You need to enter your email address, your password, and other important information that is required.
  8. There are chances that you maybe ask to create an account PIN.
  9. In case you already have a Roku account, you need to select the Login option.
  10. You need to enter your email address and password.
  11. You need to enter your preferred payment information. The payment method is to pay some content on Roku. Skip this step if you already have a payment method.
  12. Once you finish adding it, there are chances that you maybe ask to confirm your account’s email address.
  13. That’s it.


These steps will help you to activate Roku TV. In case you don’t follow the steps, contact our customer care to activate Roku TV. We will make sure that you will get the required help on immediate notice. Our experts have the ability to solve all the issues of the customers. Watch the video to activate Roku TV.

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