McAfee antivirus is one of the most trusted antivirus software that is used by many users. It is founded by John McAfee. It runs deep scan into your system to protect your system from the risky and unwanted files. It helps the system to stay protected from viruses, malware, spyware, spam emails, and spam documents. It blocks the spam links that are very dangerous for your system and your personal as well as professional data. You can find more information on

The brand has established its name and the services are highly enjoyed by the users. the main function of any antivirus is to identify the viruses and eradicate the malware which is in your system. McAfee features most of the common functions available in modern antivirus and internet security programs. this antivirus helps to detect those files which can collapse your data and freeze your system. you can have the MCAFEE antivirus in Mac or Android and helps you to detect the Viruses. MCAFEE provides you with various features that are highly enjoyable by the users at

There are sure advantages that McAfee gives to clients. That is the explanation; clients appreciate te the administrations and highlights which is the need to have in an Antivirus to shield the framework from Trojan records. A portion of the highlights are: 

  • Formidable Firewall-Our firewall can assist you with shielding from a wide range of dangers. It utilizes propelled systems to help adapt to the most noticeably terrible kind of pernicious programming. The firewall ensures the framework is protected and secure consistently. For more click
  • Cleansing of undesirable email-We can recognize the most horrendous phishing email and dispose of them. We additionally keep destructive spam messages from hurting your PC. 
  • Securing your character and protection We ensure that nobody can take your personality when you are conveying exchanges or other suck work on the web. We ensure your private information is secure and nobody can penetrate it in any capacity whatsoever. 
  • Constant refreshes We ensure that your program is constantly refreshed along these lines permitting it to distinguish the most recent dangers in the digital world. 
  • Scans-Our projects perform programmed look over your framework in any event, when you are not dealing with it. Consequently, it guarantees that your framework is sheltered and secure consistently. 
  • It utilizes a .doc connection as camouflage and bargains all the information through the spread of Macros. The Spider malware spreads through email and can overwhelm all the activities done on a machine.

Some steps to activate McAfee product key:

  • Presently type Your 25 Digit Mcafee Activation Code And Click On Submit. When the Product is Activated you may need to download the McAfee antivirus
  • If you don’t mind Take your Mouse Again to My Account >subscription And Download the McAfee Antivirus Product You have recently purchased And Activated. For more click
  • Once download Please Run The arrangement and Follow the Onscreen guidance to Install and arrangement McAfee antivirus. 
  • After Setup Please Restart Your Machine and Update Your Mcafee Protection

  1. Visit McAfee Activate official site or in any program. 
  2. Enter your 25 digits McAfee Activation Product Key. 
  3. Sign in to your McAfee account with accreditations. 
  4. Snap Submit and Choose “Nation and language”. 
  5. Once Logged in, Download your Setup in download organizer. 
  6. Run application to introduce, You’re good to go!

Install the McAfee with the activation code 

Sometimes the user finds the issue of McAfee is not installed: Another common problem with McAfee antivirus is that users face issues when they are installing the software. Problems such as the installation process stop in midway or you are not even able to start the installation process are some common issues that hamper your installation process. And these issues arise, when you install the software from the wrong site or your installation software is corrupt. So, whenever you are installing the software, make sure that you are installing it from the correct site. And restart your computer because sometimes when you restart the computer, it helps you to complete the installation process.

Then below are steps to install McAfee antivirus with the activation code. 

  1. Firstly you need to have an activation code to install the McAfee antivirus. Activation code is a 20 digit alphanumeric code that you can find it in your email account or it will be on the box if you have a boxed version of it. if you don’t have an activation code then you need to buy it from McAfee lab official e-store.
  2. Before installing just make sure that your device has that system requirement which the McAfee needs. And check whether an application is installed on your computer and is incompatible to the McAfee.
  3. It is highly recommended to uninstall the other application which can bring hurdles to the working process of McAfee. And close all running applications. This will help you in the processing of the product in your device. Now if you have an activation key code then you can go to
  4. If you are a beginner and don’t have a McAfee account then you need to signup. And if you already have an account then sign in. for more click

Use Other Options To Activate McAfee Account

  • If you don’t have an account then you need to sign up and fill the particulars like filling up the email etc and in that mail, you get a verification code through which the company gets to know the real identity.
  • After the verification link, you can click it and you will be directed to the McAfee account.
  • Where you have to add the activation code, then hit the tab download on the same page.  
  • After the downloading then run the product which helps you out in demolishing the viruses and like you have a great experience.
  • There is a time when the user finds it difficult to work on McAfee due to the activation key. While using the software another problem that arises is the product key issue. You face this problem when type wrong key or your system has been blocked you for security purposes. And because of this, you can’t get the benefit of the McAfee antivirus. For more visit

Sometimes the user wants to uninstall the McAfee antivirus then the user needs to follow the steps so that they couldn’t wait for the technicians to do that.

So that these steps could help the user to uninstall the McAfee antivirus:

  • Shut down all the functions related to McAfee and then only start the uninstallation procedure. These functions can be closed by using the Task Manager, which can be opened through the Ctrl+Alt+Dlt. After that the all the task is deleted accordingly.   
  • Open the list of the installed programs on your device by going through the Control Panel. Once you reach the Control Panel, look for the banner which displays the installed programs on your system.   
  • Then go to the folder of the McAfee and look for the option which says Uninstall McAfee Antivirus. After you click on the option, the uninstallation window will pop up and removing the components related to the software.   

You can track the progress of uninstallation through the Progress Bar displayed in the uninstallation window. Once the program is uninstalled, remove the remaining components of the antivirus by removing the files. For more click

If you are still stuck in between the process and could not able to tackle those high tech situations where you have your collapsed data and you are not able to operate your system then you can contact the McAfee service provider, it will help you in that situation. 

Or view this video to activate McAfee product key by using

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8 thoughts on “ | How to activate McAfee product key?”

  1. Very good information. From this blog, now I can activate my McAfee easily. But is there any option to activate McAfee from CD rather the website?

    1. Thanks! Yes, there is an option to activate McAfee Anti-virus from CD Drive. 1st, you need to insert McAfee Product CD in your CD Drive. 2nd, Read and click agree to EULA. The installation process begin to start. 3rd, when it is installed open the Anti-virus software to create an account. 4th, Insert the Activation code (find code on CD). 5th, type your McAfee account credentials and you successfully activated the McAfee via CD.

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