Zoom has become a very popular app in this COVID-19 situation. You can use this app to connect many people at the same time. As we know, people stuck in their homes, and start using a zoom app in this situation. But still, people face security issues. In this blog, a normal user can understand about how to secure zoom meetings.

Below are some methods to secure zoom meetings.

1. Use a strong and unique meeting password

When you use the Zoom app for the meetings, it will provide you with the meeting Id and passwords. But to secure your Zoom meetings, it will be advised to you not use the usual meeting ID and password. To do so, follow the below-given steps.

  1. Open your Zoom page.
  2. You need to click on the “My Account” option in the upper right corner.
  3. And then you need to click on the “Schedule a meeting” option.
  4. You can enter a meeting topic and description.
  5. Select your “Meeting ID,” and then you need to select the “Generate Automatically” option.
  6. It will generate a Unique ID for that meeting.
  7. Ensure that the “Require a password” option is check.
  8. You can also create your password rather than using the random password to secure zoom meetings

2. Use the official Zoom app

You need to be very careful while downloading the Zoom app in your system. One can fall into the wrong apps instead of downloading the correct one. And these apps will hack your data. So download the official Zoom app.

Download the official Zoom App here.

3. Create Waiting Room Option

To secure your meetings, enable your waiting room option. This option will help you to add the members to your meetings. It will keep members waiting until you allow them to enter into the meetings to secure zoom meetings. So when a person who wasn’t supposed to attend the meeting gets the password, this option will keep them in a waiting room, and you can kick them out from your zoom meetings.

4. Manage Participants Manually

Make sure you are the only one who hosts the meeting. This will help you to manage the participants in the meetings.  It allows the host to ensure that participants can’t share the screen without approvals to secure zoom meetings.

5. Don’t share Zoom links on social media

When you share your zoom links on social media, it will make Zoom meetings more vulnerable. When you share your links on social media handles, anyone can click on them to join the meetings. And this will hamper your security.

6. Lock the Virtual meeting

Once the session starts, lock the meeting. This can be a helpful feature to ensure the security of the Zoom meetings.

These methods will help you to ensure the security of the Zoom meetings. And you can use the app without the fear of losing the details of the meetings. Please tell us your first experience in a Zoom Meeting.

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