Your Gmail account stored an abundance of information about you. It stores your personal as well as professional data. And what if you find out that your Gmail account has hacked and now you are not able to control the activities of your Gmail account. Your Gmail account is very vulnerable to cyber-threats and Gmail can be hacked. So to secure your Gmail account, you need to be extra careful and protective about your Gmail account. Once it got hacked, it will leak all your detail to the hackers.

Try below-given methods to secure Gmail account.

1. Use Strong and unique password

If you use the same password and simple password to your every account, then it will surely help the hacker to hack your accounts very easily. It is like you provide the key to them very easily. And when they crack your password in one place, then it is very easy for them to crack it on other sites as well.

How to do it?

So, you should ensure that you are using a strong and unique password for every account. Use random digits and numbers to make it unique and strong. And you should also change your password every month. These are some ways that help you to secure your account and your Gmail never be hacked.

2. Use two-step verification

If your Gmail hacked thing is the most preferable option you should use. Basically Gmail provides its users with the two-step verification that ensures the security of the Gmail account. When a hacker can get your username and password, then a two-step verification method ensures your account safety.  It uses your mobile phone when you sign in to your email account as you will receive a magic verification code on this to secure Gmail. 

How to do it?

So when you log in into your account, it will ask you to enter your magic verification code after you enter your username and password. This verification code will be sent by Google on your phone number via SMS.

3. Check your account activity

If you find any suspicious activity on your account, then sign in your account and click on the “Last account activity” on the bottom of the page. Here click on the Details option to find out how, when, and where your account is being used.

How to do it?

And if you find out any suspicious activity, select the sign out of all other Gmail web sessions, and you need to change your password, and this time more strong, this is really helpful to secure Gmail account from hackers.

4. Secure your system

You need to careful and protective about your computer as it holds your personal as well as professional data. You need to use the antivirus software on your computer to secure it from hackers. If a hacker hacked your computer, then it will be very easy for them to hack your Gmail account and get your data. Once your data leaked to them, then it would be a nightmare. So, one needs to be careful about their system security.

How to do it?

Secure Gmail account can be done by securing your system or device. Manage to use all the data carefully. Always aware of using a third-party tool. Make a unique password always to prevent the Gmail hacked by someone. Do not share your OTP (one-time-password) with anyone.

All these steps will help the user to secure the Gmail account. Everyone knows how it will ruin someone’s life, once the hacker hacked their personal information. So it’s better to keep your Gmail account safe and secure.

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