When we think of a Printer we imagine a machine that can not only print our documents but also scan, copy and fax them as well. And for all that purpose we have our HP’s Printer cum Scanner. HP Scanners can read almost any type of 2d image such as photographs or drawings made by you. Once you scan the image, you can directly send the images to the PC desktop.
To know how to use HP Printer Scanner, you need first to do all this stuff is to have the HP software that should be installed on your computer.

But the thing is there is no scan button on the printer. So where is the scan button?

There are always two options for scanning-

  1. Scan Picture option
  2. Scan Document option

For scanning the documents or the images you have to click accordingly on the options from the connected printer’s software that is installed on your computing device.

Follow all the detailed steps mentioned below to know how to use HP Printer Scanner

So let’s get started to scan our first document

Step 1: For installing the software first you have to visit the official website of HP and then go to HP Scan and Capture option.
Step 2: Now double click on the downloaded file and click on “run” to install the software on your PC.
Step 3: Next is to launch the app but before that wait for the installation to complete. Once it completes, launch the app.
Step 4: Now it’s time to insert the plain papers into that input tray and then you have to turn the printer on.
Step 5: Make certain checks like the ink, as well as the toner cartridge, is installed properly.
Step 6: Place your document that you want to scan,but it face-down on the scanner glass, aligning it with the guide at the edge of the glass.
Step 7: Now launch the HP software and head to setting option click on the Select Device option and select the printer that you are using.
Step 8: Then you have to click either “scan document” or “scan picture” option according to the item you have placed.
Step 9: Now your scanning process has been started, wait for it to complete and then save it to your desired folder.

After following all the steps mentioned above you will be able to use the HP Scan and Capture software on your device, but still,

if you are unable to scan or print your documents or photos then you can do the following 3 things mentioned below :

  1. Install and run the “HP Print and Scan Doctor” driver on your device.
  2. You can get in touch with the ”HP Official Assistant” via toll-free number available online.
  3. You can install the “HP Printer Assistant” driver to get the virtual assistant for solving your related issues.

Hello please give your thoughts about what is your first scanned document. Gives us more queries and reviews about what brand are you’re using for the scanner.

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